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What’s my name? Jonelle Henry

Who am I? A multi-passionate entrepreneur, journalista & “conversation starter”

What does that mean? I do a lot of things well with passion, purpose and lots of conversation. I ask alot of questions too.

What I do? Basically, I…

  • Engage communities through thoughtful and insightful dialogue
  • Design unforgettable travel experiences for couples and groups
  • Create opportunities for networking and partnerships for small business owners and young
  • Sketch out life-plans for millennials and young professionals seeking “adulting” mentorship that leads to dynamic career opportunities
  • Teach “boss” lessons on leadership, ownership and community building. Moderate lively discussions on the most pressing social and political issues

Why do all of this? I love pouring into people and I love community. For my town halls, I wanted to create a space where my friends and the community at large could express their views freely without judgment. A place where ideas are shared and good, honest dialogue is appreciated. One conversation can change the way we think about each other and the world around us.


  • Black Girl in Media: Race, Media & Politics in a 24-Hour News Cycle
  • Hustle & Glow: Finding the Right Side Hustle That Brings You Joy & Coins
  • Multipassionate By Design: Embracing All Your Talents & Gifts as an Entrepreneur
  • Light on the Hill: My Faith & Career Journey on Capitol Hill
  • #TravelGoals: Designing the Travel Life of My Dreams and Building Community and Connections Through Group Travel
  • Girl Power: Mentoring and Building Up the Next Generation of Changemakers


Jonelle Henry is a respected journalist and a leader in her field with over 15 years of media & communications experience. She is currently the international producer at C-SPAN. During her years at C-SPAN, she’s produced a wide range of stories and events. As a field producer, she covered campaign speeches, Congress, the White House and official state dinners. For the 2008 Presidential election, she was a field producer for both the Democratic National

Convention in Denver and Barack Obama’s Election Night coverage in Chicago. Jonelle received her bachelor’s degree in Broadcasting at the University of Florida  and recently completed her master’s degree at Johns Hopkins University in Communication. She was also a Congressional fellow for the National Press Foundation.

A dedicated leader in her community, Jonelle has has served on numerous boards including the Alliance for Women in Media and the DC Gator Alumni Club. She currently serves as a Girl Scout troop leader in Southeast DC, a reading mentor for the Everybody Wins program, and a career coach for young professionals. She is a regular contributor and board member of emPower Magazine and produced a live six-month radio town hall series on We Act Radio. Jonelle is a member of the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ), the Radio-TV Congressional Correspondents’ Association and an ambassador for the International Black Women’s Public Policy Institute.

In 2011, Jonelle launched Districtly Speaking – a monthly town hall series covering the most talked about social and political issues. She has been nicknamed the “Conversation Starter” due to her belief that changing the world begins with dialogue and the notion that every voice should be heard.

An entrepreneur and go-getter at heart, Jonelle is also the owner for DS Traveler – a Washington DC-based boutique online travel company created in 2013, which serves as the premier sponsor for Districtly Speaking events.

In 2018, Jonelle will launch a career and mentorship program for college graduates and young professionals.

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Words of praise by my valuable clients.