A New Adventure in 2017

Happy New Year! It’s finally here! 2017! Yes! For me, that means a new planner (thank you Plum Paper!), a new list of things to go after, and a new theme that will direct my activities and mindset for the year. A new adventure. Like many of you, I started to reflect on the lessons learned in the previous year and how I’d like to step my game up in the coming year.

We’re all naturally in this mindset right about now, wondering how the next year will be different and better. So we start to chart out those dreaded resolutions. To be honest, I gave up on resolutions a few years ago. I would always have these ambitous, unreachable goals in play and just like all the articles would say, by January 31st of whatever year, I was already behind in my goals. (Yes, I was that person that signed up at the gym and was done by the end of the month!)

Moving Beyond the Resolutions

So last year, I decided to build my goals and dreams around a theme. A one-word theme. A few of my friends posted this trend via social media and I thought it was pretty cool and made a lot of sense. The simple, not so original concept, seemed do-able than a list of resolutions.

In 2016, my theme was PURGE. Really, Jonelle? Why purge? I have no idea. All I know is that I had a very vivid dream / spirtitual intervention that I couldn’t shake. In my dream, I was instructed to purge — get rid of all the negative people, things and stuff out of my life that didn’t advance my God-designed purpose. I had to purge the emotional, physical and spiritual clutter in my life. And it was necessary for me to to re-dedicate myself to the positive. I needed help too and a strong, positive network of associates in the entrepreneur game. Oh, and I absolutely had to de-clutter my condo. I was living with way too much stuff at the time.

However, this word purge initially made no sense to me as a theme for the year. How could I build my goals around “purge”? Wasn’t this a scary movie? It just didn’t have the same flare as BELIEVE, TRUST, NO EXCUSES, or JUST DO IT! But it acutally did work.

Everything I accomplished in 2016 came back to this theme. I got rid of dresses that still had the tags on it and de-friended negative people who never seem to have a good word for me. I donated furniture and knick knacks; I drank more water; I read my bible more and starting hanging around people who would tell me the truth in love.  Mostly importantly, I purged the negative voices in my head that said I should give up on my dreams because it was too late to start on them anyway. This word PURGE isn’t pretty or positive-sounding but it actually worked.

My 2017 Theme

So it only made sense in 2017 to embrace a new word that would take my goals and life to the next level: ADVENTURE! I love that word. It describes so much of what I want to accomplish in 2017. It describes the boldness and thrill of life that I want for myself this year. I imagined myself on a rollercoaster. Up and down. Around. Backwards. Upside down. And around again. (I don’t enjoy rollercoasters like I use to, but it works for this point.)

Adventure applies to the risks I’ll take as an entrepreneur. The travel bucketlist that I’m determined to check off. The spirtual maturity I desire and the impact I want to make in my community. The adventure that lives in me. I am so here for this word. Now, I’m not sure how this theme will exactly play out this year, but I’m super confident it will be life-changing. And I can’t wait to see how it all develops over the next 12 months. Let my adventure (and yours) begin!

CONVERSATION STARTER: What’s your one-word theme for 2017?

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