“The Obama Presidency & Race Relations in America” (July 2012)

Has race relations in America improved, gotten worse or stayed the same since the election of Barack Obama? Are we living in a post-racial society? Panelists during out July town hall tried to answer these questions on the topic of race relatons in a post-Obama world. Before the town hall got underway, we asked our audience before the town hall whether they thought race relations has improved, gotten worse or stayed the same. 22% of those who responded said things have improved. 35% said race relations have gotten worse since Obama took office. And 43% of the guest polled said things have stayed the same. The audience remained engaged throughout the evening with comments on the Trayvon Martin case, Brown-Black relations, and Obama’s legacy. The discussion was a perfect lead in to the August town hall which will focus on the Latino vote in the 2012 Presidential election.

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