We started off the new year with a month-long HBCU bang and discussed the relevance of importance of Historically Black Colleges & Universities. We also launched our brand new radio show on WE ACT RADIO (AM 1480)


“The Truth About HBCUs: A Closer Look at the History, Purpose and Relevance in a Changing World”

In January, Districtly Speaking conducted an engaging month-long discussion on the state of historically Black Colleges and Universities, commonly known as HBCUs. We discussed the history and purpose of HBCUs as well as examined the relevance of these institutions in a changing world. We talked to current and former HBCU students, as well as, professors and young professionals who chose to attend different institutions.


Erin Henderson, Associate, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids (Columbia University)

J. Chris Ford, Ph.D, Technical Advisor to Director of the Office of Economic Impact and Diversity, Department of Energy (Morehouse College)

Staci Cox, Deputy Press Secretary, U.S. House of Representatives Member’s Office (American University)

Yetunde Okesola, System Analysts, Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (Morgan State University)

A.J. Hoff, Social Worker, Court Services Offender Supervision Agency (Howard University)





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