“Vote for Me, Pt. 2: Preview to the 2012 Presidential Election” (October 2012)

It’s election time! Americans will head to the polls to vote for the next President of the United States on November 6th. Will we re-elect President Barack Obama or vote for Mitt Romney?

On October 22nd, Districtly Speaking held a town hall previewing the 2012 presidential election, a follow-up to our first town hall from November 2011. We invited back some of our previous panelists and added some new faces to chime in on all the issues, the conventions, the debates, and the 24-hour news coverage! It was a lively political discussion both before and after the town hall. Speaking for the Democrats, we heard from Josh Lopez, Political Consultant & Former City Council Candidate, Ward 4 Democrats; Shaun Allende, Managing Attorney, Law Offices of Shaun W. Allende & Janire Hopkins, Senior Web Designer, National Association of Social Workers.

For the Republicans, we featured E.D. Harris, Legislative Assistant, Representative Jo Ann Emerson (R-MO), Shoshana Weissmann, Chairman, GWU for Mitt Romney & Brandon Brice, Political Contributor & Republican Strategist, HipHopRepublican.com

Following the town hall, panelists and guest celebrated Districtly Speaking’s one year anniversary with conversation and cake! Here’s to another year of up-to-the-minute conversations on the issues that matter to you most!

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